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Online JSON Fixer is easy to use for repair or fix invalid JSON data online. Json Fixer / Debugger also helps to fix error in JSON data that makes your life easier.

JSON Fixer can fix these JSON data issues:

  • It will add / fix missing quotes around keys
  • It will add / fix missing escape characters
  • It will add / fix missing commas
  • It will add / fix missing closing brackets
  • It will replace with double quotes in place of single quotes
  • It will replace with regular double quotes in place of special quote characters like “...”
  • It will replace with regular spaces in place of special white space characters
  • It will replace with null, true, and false in place of Python constants None, True, and False
  • It will clean trailing commas
  • It will clean comments like /* ... */ and // ...
  • It will clean JSONP notation like callback({ ... })
  • It will clean escape characters from an escaped string like {\"stringified\": \"content\"}
  • It will clean MongoDB data types like NumberLong(2) and ISODate("2022-03-03T05:02:11.111Z")
  • It will concatenate strings like "longer text" + "more text on next line"

What can you do with JSON File Fixer?

  • It helps to fix JSON files and APIs data.
  • This tool allows loading the JSON URL to Fix. Use your JSON REST URL to Fix. Click on the URL button, Enter URL and Submit.
  • Users can also debug the JSON file by uploading the file.
  • Once you have fix JSON Data. User can download it as a file or save it as a link and Share it to social sites.
  • JSON Fixer online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
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Example for JSON Fixer

Invalid JSON

"InsuranceCompanies": {
    "source": "investopedia.com

Fixed JSON

"InsuranceCompanies": {
    "source": "investopedia.com"