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CSV to JSON Online

CSV to JSON Converter converts CSV(Comma-Separated Values) data into JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) structure. CSV to JSON tool allows you to upload a CSV file, fetch it from a URL, or paste plain CSV text in the Input Text Area.

Advantages of CSV to JSON Converter:

  • Structured Data: Converting CSV to JSON can make your data more organized and straightforward when dealing with hierarchical or nested data.
  • Data Transformation: JSON can represent a broader range of data types than CSV, including strings, numbers, booleans, null values, objects, and arrays. This flexibility helps to create a wider range of data types and structures, making it easier to represent diverse data.
  • Compatibility with JavaScript: JSON is a realistic choice when working with JavaScript applications. So, there is no need to use extra CSV libs to process the CSV data.
  • Schema Flexibility: Unlike CSV, JSON does not require a fixed schema. Each JSON data can have a distinct structure, which can be helpful when dealing with data that evolves or has optional fields.

How does CSV to JSON work?

CSV to JSON uses CSV Javascript code to only convert and process in the browser. It does not send any CSV data to the server for transformation.

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