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JSON to PHP Array Converter

JSON to PHP Array Converter is easy to use tool to convert JSON to PHP Array Variable. Copy, Paste and Convert. Converting JSON to PHP array is not a difficult task with the help of a converter.

This JSON to PHP Array converter utility can convert JSON in JavaScript Object Notation format to PHP arrays. This is an online tool and does not require any installation or plugin. You can use this tool to convert large structures of databases as well as small sets of data in no time.

What can you do with JSON to PHP Array?

  • This tool will help you to convert your JSON String/Data to PHP Array Object Variable.
  • This tool allows loading the JSON URL, which loads JSON and converts to PHP Array. Click on the URL button, Enter URL and Submit.
  • Users can also convert JSON File to PHP Array by uploading the file.
  • When you are done with JSON to PHP converting. You can download as a file or create a link and share.
  • JSON to PHP Array Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

How does JSON to PHP Array work?

JSON to PHP Array Converter uses JavaScript logic to generate php array string and beautify it.

Just Paste your JSON code and click JSON to PHP Array. It does not send code to server to convert to PHP Array.

In the case of file upload, Browser reads the file and generate the PHP Array and for URL upload, it sends the url to server and return JSON data and then removes the html tags.

Know more about JSON.

Example of JSON

JSON Try it.

  "InsuranceCompanies": {
    "InsuranceCompany": [
        "No": "1",
        "Name": "Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A)",
        "Market Capitalization": "$507.04 billion"
        "No": "2",
        "Name": "LFC",
        "Market Capitalization": "$300  billion"

PHP Array

$arrayVar = [
    "InsuranceCompanies" => [
        "InsuranceCompany" => [
                "No" => "1",
                "Name" => "Berkshire Hathaway ( BRK.A)",
                "Market Capitalization" => "$507.04 billion",
                "No" => "2",
                "Name" => "LFC",
                "Market Capitalization" => "$300  billion",

For Advanced Users

External URL

Load External URL in Browser URL like this https://codebeautify.org/json-to-php-array-converter?url=external-url


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