Wordpress Password Hash Generator

Supported Wordpress versions

Wordpress 3.*

Wordpress 4.*

Wordpress 5.*

Reset WordPress Password

This tool helps you to generate WordPress Password that can be used to reset the WordPress password.

How can you use the WordPress Password Generator tool?

  • Sometimes user wants to reset the WordPress password using the database. WordPress uses the hash generation method to generate and insert a password into the database.
  • This tool generates a hash password which you can use this password and update in the database.
  • Wordpress WP Admin Password Generator let you generate random and stored passwords. Just click on the Random button.

Steps to update the WordPress Password

  • Use Phpmyadmin or any DB tool to connect to the WordPress blog database.
  • Use this tool to generate a hash password, use your password, or generate a random password by clicking the Random button.
  • Use an update query to update the database.
UPDATE `users` SET `user_pass` = '$P$BXdJzbcCjLnLoXzHS645odEe/BMaBA1' WHERE `users`.`user_login` = 'john';