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JSONPath Usage
$ the root object/element
@ the current object/element
. or [] child operator
.. recursive descent. JSONPath borrows this syntax from E4X.
* wildcard. All objects/elements regardless their names.
[] subscript operator. XPath uses it to iterate over element collections and for predicates. In Javascript and JSON it is the native array operator.
?() applies a filter (script) expression.
() script expression, using the underlying script engine.


1. Select the document node $.*
2. Select the 'employees' element $.employees
3. Select all 'employee' elements that are direct children of the 'employees' element. $.employees.employee
4. Select all 'id' elements regardless of their positions in the document. $.employees.employee['*'].id
5. Select the 'id' attributes of the 'employee' elements with their positions in the document. $.employees.employee[1].id

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