Random US Area Codes

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206 Seattle, WA
717 Harrisburg, PA
248 Farmington Hills, MI
253 Auburn, WA
212 New York City, NY
209 Ceres, CA
262 Menomonee Falls, WI
252 Greenville, NC
234 Akron, OH
201 Bayonne, NJ

Random US Area Codes Online

The Random US Area Codes tool helps to explore and know about telephonic area codes of the US and Canada. People always need to know about the area code when they call one state to another state of the US.

The area code is the first three digits of a landline or mobile telephone number. Area codes are a system of three or four digits used in telephony and other communications to identify a geographical region. The term is often shortened to just "area code" or "telephone code".

Area codes are used by carriers to identify the geographical region where the phone is used, and so that local calls can be charged at cheaper rates.

There are two types of area codes, they are: 1. Closed area codes and 2. Open area codes.

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